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Indian Adventurer Claims - Outdoor Journal - 3rd March 2015

When Depi Chaudhry is not busy exploring a remote region in the Himalaya or cycling on desert trails in Rajasthan, he attempts to make maps. On Saturday evening, at the Indian Mountaineering Foundation headquarters in New Delhi, the adventurercyclist-trekker unveiled what he believes is the ‘largest trekking map on the Indian Himalaya in the world.'

- Teachings of Buddha -

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


20 Best Cycle Rides - Auto India -  June 2013

Rediscover the same road on different wheels. Slow the world down to see it and absorb most of it.

Ramble to Paradise - Explore the Unexplored -  July - Aug 2012

Hop on to one of the most spectacular treks starting from the lush green forest to meadows to the arid Zanskar landscape in Kashmir, says Depi Chaudhry.

Trekking in Western Himalaya - Collins -  Feb 2010

Collins’ Trekking Guide to the Western Himalayas is a comprehensive guide book that covers 43 trek routes. Author Depi Chaudhry says he has trekked through 70% of the routes in the book; the rest have been put together with information collated from other trekkers. Each trek featured has two maps—a topography map that highlights start and end points, names snow-capped ridges and glaciers, valleys, streams and rivers. The second map, a more detailed route map, highlights mountain ridges with names,rivers and streams with names and even locations of campsites.

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